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We have implemented plenty of the OCC systems. Interesting thing from our implementations is that they follow the IEEE 802.15.7-2018 standard since we had been active contributors to the standardization task group during 2015-2018 and we are ones who know the technical specifications better. Moreover, we are also introducing more advanced multi-carrier modulation systems which even surpass the limit of the existing standard.

The performances of our codes are tested and validated as following videos. They are cleaned and packed for your convenience.

Most recent advanced OCC Systems

2D-OFDM (ACO/DCO Packages 1-2)

Rolling OFDM (Optical Link Package)

2D-OFDM (Package 3)

Rolling OFDM (Simulation Package)

Implementations of IEEE 802.15.7-2018

C-OOK (Optical Link)

A-QL (Optical Link Package)

C-OOK (Simulation package)

A-QL (Optical Link Package 2)



More Demonstrations

Here is the list of video demos we have previously implemented. There are more video demos available and we will keep this post updating…

List of Implementation Demo (updating…)

  1. A short summary of OCC demos
  2. Textured Signage to Camera & Screen color code
  3. Model of Vehicular OCC Demo
  4. C-OOK Optical Camera Communication
  5. CM-FSK Optical Camera Communication
  6. LiFi demo for ECG transmission
  7. Screen Modulation: A-QL Code and its performance measurement


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