Rolling-OFDM Code

After the IEEE 802.15.7-2018 C-OOK for Optical Camera Communications using single-carrier modulation technique, Rolling-OFDM is one of the next generation for greater data rate transmission from LED light source(s) to a camera using multi-carrier concept.

Our Rolling-OFDM implementation is mature by the employment of multi-carrier concept, just as LiFi. However, being particularly designed for OCC, all the physical data packet units (PPDU) are carefully constructed.

The Rolling-OFDM Code project is cleaned, well-packed and documented. You will earn double benefits because TWO rolling-OFDM packages cost ONE price.

Please download the following document (PPT file) for the overview of the Rolling-OFDM Code User Interface:

Technical features of the code project

Here are some of advanced technical features from our Rolling-OFDM code project that you may get beneficial from:

TX technical features:

  1. Read a file to transmit; Forward Error Correction code;
  2. Editable n-QAM modulation, Editable cyclic-prefix between OFDM symbols;
  3. Editable data packet unit size.
  4. Controllable optical clock rate

RX technical features:

  1. Multi-tasking and pipeline techniques for real-time image processing
  2. Use-defined region-of-interest to extract data from light source(s)
  3. Re-configurable demodulation process
  4. Real-time data display and BER monitoring

Overall description of Rolling-OFDM Code Project

Rolling-OFDM Software Package User Guide:

Technical Documents for Rolling-OFDM System:

Demonstrations of Rolling-OFDM

Package 1: Simulation Package

Package 2: Optical Link

Rolling-OFDM Concept and System Architecture:

Rolling-OFDM Demonstration for biomedical signal (ECG) transmission