A-QL Code

A-QL stands for Asynchronous Quick Link, a two-dimensional multi-band color code sequential transmission protocol from a screen to camera. The A-QL is one of mode within the IEEE 802.15.7-2018 Optical Wireless Communication standard.

By using hundred of cells and three color band simultaneously (red, green, and blue wavelengths), the A-QL can provide tens of kbps data rate or more.

The A-QL Code project is cleaned, well-packed and documented. Please download some attached documents as follows for overview of our project. We deliver all three packages at the same time. Three software packages with one single price.

Please download the following document (PPT file) for the overview of the A-QL Code User Interface (all three A-QL packages):

Technical features of the code project

Here are some of advanced technical features from our A-QL code project that you may get beneficial from:

TX technical features:

  1. Read a file to transmit; Two-layer Forward Error Correction code (outer Reed-Solomon and inner Convolutional Code)
  2. Controllable MIMO (number of cells within a TX)
  3. Controllable TX display size as each of tiny-cells are re-sizable.
  4. Controllable clock rate for changing refresh speed of TX

RX technical features:

  1. Multi-tasking and pipeline techniques for real-time image processing
  2. Auto-detection and tracking the transmitter
  3. Auto- Walsh training process for color calibration
  4. Re-configurable Two-layer error correction
  5. Real-time data display and BER monitoring

Overall description of A-QL Code Project

A-QL Software Package User Guide:

Technical Documents for A-QL System:

Demonstrations of A-QL

There are several modification between three packages for demonstration purpose.

Demo Package 1:

Demo Package 3:

More A-QL Details

A-QL Concept and System Architecture:

BER Measurement for A-QL

Measured Performance Comparison between 2D-OFDM and the IEEE 802.15.7-2018 A-QL Code: