2D-OFDM Code Project

After the IEEE 802.15.7-2018 A-QL color code for Optical Camera Communication, 2D-OFDM is one of the next generation for Mbps data rate transmission from a screen TX to a camera.

IMPORTANT: We now release new 2D-OFDM Codes (2D ACO-OFDM) and update existing Code adding many interesting features. Notably, TWO MORE new software packages are now included.

  • Package 1: (ACO/DCO-OFDM Simulation) – NEW
  • Package 2: (ACO/DCO-OFDM Optical Link) – NEW
  • Package 3: Optimal DCO-OFDM Optical Link – Update

Please download the following PPT file for a review of the 2D-OFDM packages:

Technical features of the Packages

Here are some of advanced technical features from our 2D-OFDM code project that you may get beneficial from:

TX technical features:

  1. Read a file to transmit; Two-layer FEC code; Editable n-QAM modulation
  2. Change between ACO-OFDM and DCO-OFDM, and clipping factor for PAPR
  3. Editable MIMO (to change the number of independent sub-transmitter within a TX)
  4. Editable spatial cyclic-prefix; editable bolder-size to protect TX
  5. Controllable TX display size as each of tiny cells are re-sizable.

RX technical features:

  1. Multi-tasking and pipeline techniques for real-time image processing
  2. Auto-detection and tracking the transmitter
  3. Re-configurable TX extraction process
  4. Auto-threshold for preamble detection
  5. Re-configurable demodulation process
  6. Real-time data display and BER monitoring
  7. Real-time monitor Constellation diagrams

Overall description of 2D-OFDM Code

2D-OFDM Software Package User Guide:

Technical Documents for 2D-OFDM System Test:

Demonstrations of 2D-OFDM Codes

Packages 1+2 Demo: ACO/DCO Simulation + Optical Link

Package 3 Video:

Other documents

2D-OFDM System Architecture:

2D-OFDM Generation Processes:

Measured Performance Comparison between 2D-OFDM and the IEEE 802.15.7-2018 A-QL Code: