What is Optical Camera Communication?

In 2018, the task group was in the ballot circle for final approval, and now the IEEE-SA has published the standard of Optical Camera Communication namely IEEE 802.15.7-2018 std.

Optical Camera Communication

- Figure 01 - revised v.pngFigure 1- Example of  OCC promising services (a) OCC vehicular use case. (b) OCC indoor use case

  • OCC: Optical Camera Communication
  • VLC: Visible Light Communication
  • LiFi: Light Fidelity
  • OWC: Optical Wireless Communication

What is Optical Camera Communication?

OCC aims to deliver data from the light source(s) to the camera. Artificial lights (LED light) are available everywhere human being live, and cameras too. The existing infrastructure shall be an advantage of OCC for the market acceptance. As an example shown in Figure 1, promising services of OCC include vehicular OCC (the killer app of OCC), screen signage, and indoor light service.

OCC is different from VLC and LiFi because of various types of receivers being used. Although there seems to be no universally agreed definition of the VLC, this first terminology has described the equipment of communication into illumination devices such as LED light bulbs. The IEEE 802.15.7-2011 standard is well known as the…

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PPDU: PHY frame format for CM-FSK & C-OOK

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The Journey to Optical Camera Communication Begins

Thanks for joining me! It is my pleasure to be a part of IEEE 802.15.7m standard. Since I have just graduated from Kookmin, I have some free time to create this blog and share my perspective on the current status of Optical Camera Communication (OCC) technologies. I would be nice if I could share not … Continue reading The Journey to Optical Camera Communication Begins