Update OpenSource List

The OpticalPress Team is happy to provide Open Source Codes based on IEEE 802.15.7-2018 Optical Wireless Communication (OWC) standard, the most recent international standard that includes Optical Camera Communication (OCC) technologies. We believe that the codes are beneficial for the implementation of your novel ideas as well as practical comparison purposes. We were lucky and … Continue reading Update OpenSource List

PHY modes within IEEE 802.15.7m draft – a quick review

PHY operating modes  The latest IEEE 802.15.7m draft standard (until Aug. 2018) is on the Sponsor Balloting recirculation. This version has updated a lot in compared to the previous version before LiFi modes are moved to new task group under IEEE 802.15. A list of operating modes between two drafts is a good start. Notation … Continue reading PHY modes within IEEE 802.15.7m draft – a quick review

Classification of OCC Technologies

Table 1- Classification of OCC, its expected performance, and intended usages Given that various modulation schemes for OCC systems have been investigated till the date, the proper modulation scheme should depend on both Tx and Rx. Table 1 suggests to classify OCC schemes into four categories under the following considerations: (i) The method by which … Continue reading Classification of OCC Technologies