Compare 2D ACO-OFDM vs 2D DCO-OFDM

This post discovers the difference between 2D ACO-OFDM and 2D DCO-OFDM from implementation perspective. The Simulation Package allows us to test all the performance without any hardware configuration needed. Besides the simulation package (package 1), optical link package (package 2) and optimal optical link package (package 3) are within the 2D-OFDM Code packages. 2D Mapping … Continue reading Compare 2D ACO-OFDM vs 2D DCO-OFDM

NEW 2D-OFDM Codes available

We now release new 2D-OFDM Codes (2D ACO-OFDM) and update existing Code adding many interesting features. Notably, TWO MORE new software packages are now included. NEW Package 1 (ACO/DCO-OFDM Simulation) New features This allows for choosing different modulation modes, including Modulation option: 2D ACO-OFDM or 2D DCO-OFDMChangeable clipping factor for reducing PAPREnable Inner-FEC and spatial-pilots … Continue reading NEW 2D-OFDM Codes available

Performance of Screen OCC: 2D-OFDM vs. A-QL

In the previous posts, the implementation demo and the implementation guidance of the Screen-OFDM system were shown. The measured performance comparison between Screen-OFDM and a traditional A-QL in IEEE 802.15.7m is reported in this post. Overview of 2D-OFDM vs A-QL A-QL is the single-carrier modulation while 2D-OFDM is the multi-carrier modulation approach applied for the … Continue reading Performance of Screen OCC: 2D-OFDM vs. A-QL

Generation of Screen-OFDM

In the previous post, an implementation demo of the Screen-OFDM system was shown. The detailed generation of Screen-OFDM (2-dimensional OFDM) is described in this post. Index Terms: Optical Camera Communication, OCC, OFDM, optical OFDM, 1D-OFDM, 2D-OFDM,  OFDM-OCC, Screen OFDM. Benefit of OFDM 1) General Benefits The concept of OFDM has reached sufficient maturity for standardization and employment … Continue reading Generation of Screen-OFDM

Neural Network for Optical Wireless Communication

This implementation of Neural Network (NN) programmed in Python + Labview shows the feasibility of Artificial Intelligence (AI) assisted Decoder, particularly in our OWC system. In this post, some idea of NN is disclosed, and some piece of implementation results are provided for explanation. In general, NN is very helpful for our OWC if it … Continue reading Neural Network for Optical Wireless Communication

2D-OFDM for Optical Camera Communication

OFDM is well-known for LiFi; however, it is still fresh advanced waveform for OCC. This post shares an implementation of 2D-OFDM for Screen-to-Camera communication system in which a massive number of display cells brings a great advantage for communication. A full journal version of this topic is available online at IEEE Access here. System Architecture … Continue reading 2D-OFDM for Optical Camera Communication

Software-defined Configuration method for OCC Systems

The purpose of the post is to specify the PIB attributes for configuring a particular OCC PHY mode. Any OCC PHY mode is co-existing with the others and recognizable by a specific receiver once the PIBs are specified. The configuration of PHY-PIB attributes is software-defined (App-based). Without using PHY-frame overhead, the App-based configuration is communication … Continue reading Software-defined Configuration method for OCC Systems