NEW 2D-OFDM Codes available

We now release new 2D-OFDM Codes (2D ACO-OFDM) and update existing Code adding many interesting features. Notably, TWO MORE new software packages are now included.

NEW Package 1 (ACO/DCO-OFDM Simulation) New features

This allows for choosing different modulation modes, including

  • Modulation option: 2D ACO-OFDM or 2D DCO-OFDM
  • Changeable clipping factor for reducing PAPR
  • Enable Inner-FEC and spatial-pilots

And configuring the simulation of noisy channel (SNR in dB).

  • 1D and 2D Constellation diagrams
  • BER graphs and Data Test

NEW Package 2 (ACO/DCO-OFDM Optical Link) New features

This allows for testing the performance of 2D ACO-OFDM and 2D DCO-OFDM under real-world circumstances.

Compared to Simulation package, this package has several modifications so that it can work better with camera.

UPDATE Package 3 (Optimal DCO-OFDM Optical Link) New features

This package has optimal 2D subcarrier allocation for DCO-OFDM, thus it performance is optimized.

Please download the following PPT file for a review of the software User Interface (TX and RX):

Captured Screen:

Video Demo:

Packages 1+2 Demo: ACO/DCO Simulation + Optical Link

Package 3 Video:

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