C-OOK Code Update available

We now release new updates of the C-OOK Codes by adding several interesting features as follows. (Two additional software Packages, but the same single price.)

Package 1 (Back to Back Link) New features

This allows for choosing different modulation modes for Tx, configuring (simulated) cameras and channel. All are live demonstration, which are similar real world system.

  • Input any text to transmit
  • Choose the PHY mode for your customized modulation
  • Configure the simulation of camera parameters (frame rate, inter-frame gap, image size, SNR in dB)

Package 2 (BER Simulation) New features

This allows for testing the decoder performance under different circumstances. User
can propose their own decoding algorithms and test them here.

  • Matched filter decoder is applied
  • User can simulate SNR, sampling rate, etc for BER comparison

Package 3 (Optical Link)

The optical link requires hardware configuration (ADC board, LED and camera)

Please download the following PPT file for a review of the software User Interface (TX and RX).

Captured Screen:

Demos of C-OOK Packages

Demo B2B Link Package 1

Demo OpticalLink Package 3

One thought on “C-OOK Code Update available

  1. Hello,

    Can I have a basic MATLAB code to decode OOK data captured using the camera?

    Thank you


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