FREE Software to measure the sampling rate of rolling shutter cameras!

I remember that some of my colleagues had really tough time figuring out what is the sampling rate of a rolling shutter camera since camera producers never ever shown the value! We are not talking about the frame rate of camera if you are missing understanding. The reason was quite understandable, because the sampling rate of camera does not have a major impact to the quality of the picture and thus there is no need to display it to typical users. The trouble thing is, all of camera hardware are having different sampling rates and there is no standard sampling rate at all!

Now, we are not just using rolling shutter cameras for taking pictures but we wish to use them for communication. The first but indispensable parameter to know before we start is the sampling mechanism and the sampling rate of the camera. Undoubtedly, the rolling shutter camera has its pixel-rolling mechanism, and its hidden sampling rate (defined by the number of pixel rows sampled per second) must be experimentally explored firstly.

HERE! We would like to share the code to measure it. Please click the download button for the software description. And then, don’t forget to leave a comment of your email address, so that we will send you the entire code for FREE! We guarantee!

Tutorial Video

2 thoughts on “FREE Software to measure the sampling rate of rolling shutter cameras!

  1. Hopefully this is still supported. I would like to review many of these software packages for undergraduate research on OCC. Thank you for the effort, I hope to hear more from this great blog!


  2. Hi Mr. Tyler Tripp,
    Thank you very much for contacting us. We still provide and support on various OCC opensource package on LabVIEW and Matlab.
    For this freeware on this post. Please leave us your email or linkedin account. We will keep in touch with you to share this opensource.

    We also provide many interesting opensource pkg following IEEE 802.15.7-2018 std with very good prices. If you are interested, please do not hesistate to contact us by leaving your comment, or mailing us at or through our linkedin:

    Thank you very much


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