My LiFi demo for ECG transmission

This is a small implementation prepared for our proposal in applying light communication to e-Health. I prepared this demo within a very short time (nearly three weeks) just to test the feasibility of LiFi in transmitting biomedical signal (i.e., ECG). Our demo illustrated that the requirement of communication bandwidth for transmitting the ECG signal can be satisfied by commercial hardware.

Idea of this project:

This project implements an unidirectional-communication from a LED light source to a single Photodiode. This is an initial implementation of LiFi application in biomedical engineering. Thus, Optical-OFDM waveform is used in my modulator.

The following parameters are applied in my demo:

  • Modulation format: 4-QAM, 32-bin FFT, DCO-OFDM
  • Sampling rate: MS/s
  • LED type: 12V
  • FEC: Convolutional Code

One thought on “My LiFi demo for ECG transmission

  1. Sir, I need the open source code of C-OOK for my thesis. But I couldn’t find it here. Can anyone help me about this?


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