Abbreviation in OCC Systems

Hi there! Two weeks busy in writing an SCI paper is over, and I am back beginning with a list of notations and acronyms that I usually use in OCC systems from now on.

  • ACO-OFDM                          Asymmetrically Clipped OFDM
  • Ab                                          Asynchronous bit
  • APP                                        Application
  • AR                                          Augmented Reality
  • A-QL                                      Asynchronous Quick Link
  • BCH                                       Bose–Chaudhuri–Hocquenghem codes
  • BER                                        Bit Error Rate
  • CC                                           Convolutional Code
  • CM-FSK                                 Camera M-ary Frequency-Shift Keying
  • C-OOK                                   Camera On-Off-Keying
  • CV                                           Computer Vision
  • DC                                          Direct Current
  • DCO-OFDM                          Direct Current (DC) Offset OFDM
  • DFT                                        Discrete Fourier Transform
  • DME                                       Device Management Entity
  • DMT                                       Discrete Multi-tone Modulation
  • DS8-PSK                                Dimmable Spatial 8-Phase Shift Keying
  • DSM-PSK                              Dimmable Spatial M-ary Phase Shift Keying
  • DTFT                                      Discrete-Time Fourier Transform
  • DWT                                       Discrete Wavelet Transform
  • ETRI                                       Electronics and Telecommunications Research Institute
  • FEC                                        Forward Error Correction
  • HA-QL                                   Hidden Asynchronous Quick Link
  • HS-PSK                                  Hybrid Spatial Phase Shift Keying
  • ID                                            Identifier
  • IDFT                                       Inverse Discrete Fourier Transform
  • IDWT                                     Inverse Discrete Wavelet Transform
  • IEEE                                      Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers
  • IEEE SA                                IEEE Standard Association
  • ISI                                           Inter-Symbol Interference
  • LED                                        Light Emitting Diode
  • LDPC                                     Low Density Parity Check Code
  • MAC                                       Medium Access Control
  • MCM                                      Multi-carriers Modulation
  • MCS                                        Modulation and Coding Scheme
  • MFH                                       MAC Frame Header
  • MHR                                       Medium-Access-Control Header
  • MIMO                                     Multiple Input Multiple Output
  • M-FSK                                    M-ary Frequency Shift Keying
  • M-PPM                                   M-pulse Position Modulation
  • NIR                                         Near Infrared Light
  • OCC                                        Optical Camera Communication
  • OFDM                                     Orthogonal Frequency Division Multiplexing
  • OOK                                       On-Off Keying
  • OWC                                       Optical Wireless Communication
  • OWPAN                                 Optical Wireless Personal Area Network
  • PAPR                                      Peak-to-Average Power Ratio
  • PAR                                        Peak-to-Average Ratio
  • PHR                                        Physical-Layer Header
  • PHY                                        Physical Layer
  • PIB                                         Physical-layer Personal-Area-Network Information Base
  • PLME                                     Physical-layer Management Entity
  • PPDU                                     Physical-layer Packet Data Unit
  • PSDU                                     PHY Service Data Unit
  • PWM                                      Pulse-Width Modulation
  • P2P                                         Point-to-Point
  • QR                                          Quick Response code
  • RLL                                        Run-length Limited
  • ROI                                         Region of Interest
  • RS                                           Reed-Solomon
  • RX                                           Receiver
  • S2-PSK                                   Spatial 2-Phase Shift Keying
  • SACO-OFDM                          Spatial Asymmetrically Clipped OFDM
  • SAP                                         Service Access Point
  • SDCO-OFDM                          Spatial Direct Current (DC) Offset OFDM
  • SNR                                        Signal to Noise Ratio
  • STBC                                      Space-Time Block Code
  • TRX                                        Transceiver
  • TX                                           Transmitter
  • UFSOOK                               Undersampled Frequency Shift On-Off Keying
  • UI                                            User Interface
  • VPPM                                     Variable Pulse Position Modulation
  • V2V                                         Vehicular to Vehicular
  • V2X                                         Vehicular to Infrastructure
  • VLC                                        Visible-Light Communication
  • XOR                                        Exclusive-OR
  • 2D-OFDM                              Two-dimensional OFDM
  • 2D-IDFT                                Two-dimensional IDFT
  • 2D-IDWT                               Two-dimensional IDWT
  • 2D-DFT                                  Two-dimensional DFT
  • 2D-DWT                                 Two-dimensional DWT

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