OCC Use Cases/ Promising Services


Figure 1 – Examples of promising use cases using OCC

Various application fields of OCC include

  • Indoor lighting
  • Digital Signage
  • Traffic lighting, V2V, V2X
  • Interactive Display with Screen
  • Augmented Reality experience with Smartphones

There are plenty of promising applications with OCC. I have drawn several illustrations to explain “where OCC can be used” and “how cool its application might be” as follows.


Figure 2 – Example of Application with mobile devices



Figure 3 – Indoor Use Case of OCC: (a) Navigation, (b) Marketing, (c) Interactive Signage, and (d) Mobile User Management



Figure 4 – Use Case of OCC with Screen Display/ Signage and LED Signage



Figure 5- OCC use case in the vehicular environment (V2X)



Figure 6 – Exemplary message exchange in V2X using OCC



Figure 7 – Augmented Reality user experience with LED signage and mobile phones


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