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Thanks for joining us!

From a single member, we now become a team of five members who all have several years been working on Optical Camera Communication (OCC) and related light communication fields.

We understand that practical implementation and demonstration for the work are crucial for any novel idea. In new year 2020, we would like to share several OPEN SOURCE to all of beloved colleagues. We have implemented them, cleaned and packed the code, evaluated the system performance, documented them; and we leave the rest for you. An interesting thing from our codes is that they implement the most recent standard for Optical Camera Communication, known as IEEE 802.15.7-2018. Some of the recent code projects are even more advanced than the existing in the IEEE 802.15.7-2018 standard. Together, we can promote OCC and make a bright OCC market in near future.

Tips to master the open source codes:

  • Check the list of Open source available (please download the following pdf)
List of codes (online)
List of demonstrations (online)
  • Contact us for fully-editable Open source codes
  • Request for the user guidance/ technical documents in details, and media materials
  • Watch video demonstrations and read our published articles to understand more technical details
Video demo (online)
Patents & Publications (online)
  • Read short reviews and tutorials within this website
OCC categories (online)

Hope you enjoy this blog! Please do not hesitate to contact us. We are happy to get feedback from you.

The OpticalPress Team

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